Wednesday, February 27, 2008

will work for washi

well hello again, the internet! i really need to update my blog more often! a few things have happened since i last posted.

i forgot to mention last time that i issue myself sales goals, and i get "rewards" when i reach those goals. with my last sale, i reached not just one, but two of my goals, so i allowed myself to buy more washi paper and buy myself the workdesk i had been wanting!

the desk is part of the dolce collection at, and it was $99 plus an outrageous shipping fee (but it did get here in two days with standard ups shipping!). brandon and i have 3 bookshelves, the dining room table, the coffee table, and 2 endtables from this collection, and we love it all. however, my desk came with a huge crack on the top of it :(. no biggie, it's just for cutting up washi paper on, anyway, but still! i can probably fill in the crack with wood glue.

the washi paper i ordered is on the way. one store i order from emailed me to tell me that one of the papers was backordered, though, and the paper that i've been eyeing for quite some time (which has been out of stock for about a month now) will not be in stock any time soon. that made me sad, but i will live!

anyway, my table, like i mentioned, got here super fast, and i put it together yesterday before class. today, i get to start enjoying it!

here's what my washi work area looks like now:

^ how my workspace typically looks. the wood, beads, and paper i'm currently working with have to be within easy reach! i've got a little panda friend (hanging out in the bamboo holder) to keep me company.

^ my oh-so-pretty laptop, ipod, finished pendants, and that lovely photo from my friend ara133photography (go visit her etsy shop!). yes, i am a huge nerd: i have two computers within 4 feet of each other (plus there's brandon's on the opposite end of the room!).

^ my workspace as a whole! and yes, i know i have awesome photo skillz (see my reflection in the nine inch nails poster? :p whoops!).

me in all my tired glory. i really need to start wearing more makeup! :O

so anyway, that's what's been going on around here the past few days! sales/views have been slow in my shop since friday (and by slow sales, i mean no sales!), but i'm trying to make the most of my time.



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Anonymous said...

Hi from the Etsy forum!
You have a fun blog and a great etsy store! :) Every picture looks professional and great! :) Good job!

melissa, aka maoiliosa said...

thanks danielle! i love your blog, as well! i bookmarked so i can check it often :)