Saturday, June 9, 2012

please vote for maoiliosa!

lovely customers, i could really use your help!  if you have a spare moment, i would really appreciate your vote at - just click 'support', then type in maoiliosa, then click on the 'vote' button.  with enough votes, my business could have a chance to win a small business grant, and that would mean to world to me!  thank you!

also, i will post more about this later, but i've had an incredibly busy past month, and i am now back in austin!  to celebrate, i've created all kinds of new beauties, but for now i will just share this one :



Sunday, March 25, 2012

spring bazaar

pictures from yesterday, if you missed me at the spring bazaar in cedar park, texas :


Friday, March 16, 2012

build-your-own mini pencils re-vamp

i spent a big chunk of time yesterday rephotographing 1 each of almost every single pencil i make.  several patterns that i had been using on the popular build-your-own mini pencil set that i offer have, sadly, been discontinued, and i have finally run out of the paper that i, personally, had in stock of those patterns.  

it's always sad for me to see a pattern go ( they're all so lovely, and i admit i sort of covet them ;) ), but while some styles are gone forever, others have entered the scene!  i am always buying new japanese chiyogami that strikes my fancy and that i think my customers will adore, so, happily, i added several new patterns as available choices for the build-your-own set


you seriously don't want to know how long it took me to arrange all those pencils just so ;p.

with this update, there are now 54 beautiful pencil patterns to choose from!  get your set of 10 here.


Thursday, March 15, 2012

'mysterious garden' journal set

i made these beauties today and i'm so happy with the way they turned out!  i think this one is my favourite journal set so far.

get yours here.


Friday, March 9, 2012

notebook/journal sneaky-peeky part 2

5 notebooks, ready to be listed in the etsy shop!  i'm so pleased with how these turned out.  i think my favourite part is the spine.

i will be photographing these properly within the next few days and listing them for purchase just as soon as i can.  i apologize for the delay, i swear i'm not meaning to tease!  i've got a wholesale order to complete (which takes priority over photographing/editing/listing new items), and one of my husband's family members isn't in good health, so we've been preoccupied planning an impromptu roadtrip to new mexico to tend to that matter.

you can probably expect to see these in their full glory, packaged as gift sets, on monday or tuesday of next week.  meanwhile, enjoy the preview! 


Thursday, March 8, 2012

notebook/journal sneaky-peeky

i've been busy ironing out the details on my new journals, but i wanted to share a little preview with you (i've been raving about how excited i am about these on the maoiliosa facebook page for ages, it seems!).

5-7 different styles will be listed in the maoiliosa etsy shop early next week, and will make their fair debut on march 24th, when i attend the vista ridge high school spring bazaar (in cedar park, texas).

each expertly adorned notebook (100% earth friendly, i might add!) will come packaged in a clear gift box with 1 matching full-sized pencil and 1 white pencil cap eraser.

check back throughout the next few days for more sneaky peekies on these lovelies!


Saturday, February 25, 2012

glossy pendants

as promised, a few pendants with glossy finish have been added to the maoiliosa etsy shop this morning.  the new finish is subtle yet effective at making the pieces 'pop'.  they don't at all look like cheap costume jewelry, like you often see in gloss-finished pendants, as there is not a thick, plastic-looking dome of sealer - just enough gloss to really make the pendant special :).  these are pieces you will be wearing and enjoying for years, ladies.

and would you believe that within an hour of listing these beauties, 'ambrosia' (middle pendant, below), already sold?  it's since been relisted, of course ;).

you can expect more gloss-finished pendant styles to be available soon!