Friday, March 16, 2012

build-your-own mini pencils re-vamp

i spent a big chunk of time yesterday rephotographing 1 each of almost every single pencil i make.  several patterns that i had been using on the popular build-your-own mini pencil set that i offer have, sadly, been discontinued, and i have finally run out of the paper that i, personally, had in stock of those patterns.  

it's always sad for me to see a pattern go ( they're all so lovely, and i admit i sort of covet them ;) ), but while some styles are gone forever, others have entered the scene!  i am always buying new japanese chiyogami that strikes my fancy and that i think my customers will adore, so, happily, i added several new patterns as available choices for the build-your-own set


you seriously don't want to know how long it took me to arrange all those pencils just so ;p.

with this update, there are now 54 beautiful pencil patterns to choose from!  get your set of 10 here.


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