Thursday, March 8, 2012

notebook/journal sneaky-peeky

i've been busy ironing out the details on my new journals, but i wanted to share a little preview with you (i've been raving about how excited i am about these on the maoiliosa facebook page for ages, it seems!).

5-7 different styles will be listed in the maoiliosa etsy shop early next week, and will make their fair debut on march 24th, when i attend the vista ridge high school spring bazaar (in cedar park, texas).

each expertly adorned notebook (100% earth friendly, i might add!) will come packaged in a clear gift box with 1 matching full-sized pencil and 1 white pencil cap eraser.

check back throughout the next few days for more sneaky peekies on these lovelies!



LeaKarts said...

They look so good, and a perfect complement for your pretty pencils!

maoiliosa said...

thank you, lea! i had a hunch that they would be natural companions for my pencils ;). i'm glad you like what you see so far! <3