Friday, March 9, 2012

notebook/journal sneaky-peeky part 2

5 notebooks, ready to be listed in the etsy shop!  i'm so pleased with how these turned out.  i think my favourite part is the spine.

i will be photographing these properly within the next few days and listing them for purchase just as soon as i can.  i apologize for the delay, i swear i'm not meaning to tease!  i've got a wholesale order to complete (which takes priority over photographing/editing/listing new items), and one of my husband's family members isn't in good health, so we've been preoccupied planning an impromptu roadtrip to new mexico to tend to that matter.

you can probably expect to see these in their full glory, packaged as gift sets, on monday or tuesday of next week.  meanwhile, enjoy the preview! 


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