Thursday, March 6, 2008

i (still) do!

as you may know, the internet, when brandon's mother and i had our falling-out in early february, i decided to give her back the engagement ring she gave brandon to give to me (it was hers, from her failed marriage to brandon's father). i was more than willing to be rid of an emblem of her betrayal of our friendship, but i was sad to not have a ring on my finger anymore. i bought brandon an engagement ring last october, so he proudly wears his, but my finger felt lonely! well, brandon decided to get me a new ring, and surprised me with this one today ^.

it is a .33 carat diamond on a platinum band. i love the setting, because since it has 6 prongs, it looks kind of like a lotus blossom when viewed from the side. also, the band is indented at the setting, which matches the indentations on the top of the wedding band that my mom gave me a few months ago (it was from her ring set from her marriage to my biological father, who passed away when i was 6 months old). it is perfect, and i am so grateful!

we are getting married on october 9 of this year, have been engaged for 2 years, and have lived together for almost 2 years, so i am SO ready to be married to this wonderful man!


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