Wednesday, March 12, 2008

this man is a genious

even if you don't like apple or their products, you have to admit that apple's creator, steve jobs, is truly an inspiration.

i was hearted on etsy by crimsonjade earlier today, and in her profile i found a link to a youtube video featuring a speech delivered by steve jobs. i watched it, and nearly cried.

here's the link

for anyone owning their own business, especially just starting out, like me, this speech means a lot.

personally, i love apple. my ipod nano (and the mini that came before it) has been with me through countless miles on the road that would have otherwise been excrutiating. knowing that a man like steve jobs created that technology based on his love for the idea makes me have a better appreciation for the product. i am inspired by his words, and also by his actions.

i hope you enjoy the video :)



Tizzalicious said...

I was always anti-Ipod, but ever since I used my boyfriend's I want one so bad!

melissa, aka maoiliosa said...

tizz - they are awesome! you should get one :).