Thursday, April 3, 2008

march summary, april goals

lots of stuff went on in march! hopefully even more will happen in april :).

here's the rundown:

personal achievements
  • watched the first three seasons of 'the x-files', 'no country for old men', 'the darjeeling limited', and other dvds
  • wrote a paper for my literature class; got an a
  • read 4 books about racism for my history class (not easy, let me tell you! how depressing!)
  • did a ton of wedding planning/preparation! :D
  • entertained friends at my house
  • spring-cleaned
  • made it through my final full month on lupron (shot treatment for endometriosis)
  • lost 4 pounds

'washi by maoiliosa' achievements

  • sold 9 pieces from my shop (1 custom order of 7 pendants, and 2 bags of sakura punch-outs)
  • made enough money to pay the water bill :p
  • came up with cool ideas for new items to sell (shh, it's a secret!)
  • was featured in a few treasuries
  • received my first sales tax return
  • redid all the photos in my shop after learning some good techniques
  • changed my store banner and avatar (much better now!)
  • made a new animation for shop advertising; posted on a million plugboards

best thing that happened in march: i got a beautiful engagement ring from brandon <3

worst thing that happened in march: side effects from lupron were bothersome

craziest purchase: well, i spent over $200 at etsy shops :p, but most of it either went toward shop expenses or my best friend's maid-of-honour gifts

goals for april:
  • sell 10 items from my shop
  • finish writing both of my history papers
  • begin my biology class (and send in my extension request)
  • finish my film class
  • write my last literature paper
  • no more lupron in my system! :D
  • file my first quaterly sales tax return
  • make and list new and exciting items in my shop!
  • mail the wedding invitations
  • entertain friends at my house at least once

i hope everyone has a wonderful and productive april!

special thanks to my etsy friend tizz, who is full of great ideas :).


Tizzalicious said...

Aww, you're too sweet!

I think you did pretty well this month!

Good luck with the April goals! :)

melissa, aka maoiliosa said...

awww, thanks tizz! :D