Thursday, May 29, 2008

brassy brass

in case i never told you, my fiance brandon paints miniatures. he's got dozens of little bottles of paint. from time to time, he asks for my advise on painting technique, colour scheme, and things like that.

i was not prepared for what would ensue after he asked for just such a piece of advise last night.

here's the conversation:

- honey, can i get your opinion on something?
- sure. what's up.
- (holds two bottles of paint out for me to see) which one of these would you say looks like 'brass'?
- well, neither one really looks like brass to me, but if i had to chose, i would say -that- one (pointing to the darker of the two paints)
- well it's interesting you say that. it turns out, they're both brass.
- what?

i couldn't stop up laughing. check out the bottom of the labels: one is brass, and the other is brassy brass. i don't even know what that means!

the best part is that these two paints are made by the same company.

brandon never noticed the names of the paint before last night :p.



KieutiePie said...

brassier than the brass? oh that is too funny!

melissa, aka maoiliosa said...

yeah, i mean, wtf? it's as if the company made 'brass', then thought, "you know, that actually looks nothing like brass. it looks more like gold. we've got this other colour here that looks more like brass. let's call it - brassy brass" :p