Wednesday, May 21, 2008

oh noz! teh internets is failed!

you might have noticed, the internet, that i have not been adding to my blog the last few days. let me explain: i live in a very small town, and when 70mph winds come through (with rain, hail, and a vortex that became a tornado a few miles away), the radio signal that connects me to the internet via a huge tower nearby goes bye-bye! well, just such a scenario took place a week and a half ago, and while i was able to connect to the net for 5-minute spurts, i certainly couldn't type out a blog these past few days. we had a technician come out and fix everything (finally...), so now i can resume my blogging (and running my business properly)!

things that are going on:
  • i listed some new pendant necklaces in my shop! here's an example:

  • there are these two birds that keep perching next to our windows and peering in at us. one we named harvey, and the other crestor. like the heart medication. this is because he has a crest of feathers on top of his head, and i though 'crest-or' would be a funny name :p. i couldn't get the best picture of him (he flies away when i pull out my camera, the sneaky bugger), but here:

see him up there? sorry for the crappy-quality photo, it truly was the best i could do in a split-second!

this is the archway in front of our house. there are eggs in the birdhouse, but no birds seem to be using the bird feeder yet for some reason.

there's harvey on the electrical pole's guidewire, watching me carefully :p.

  • i'm having a clearance sale! grab what you want a.s.a.p. because i'm unlisting all that stuff friday morning (maybe saturday if i forget, haha). there are tons of pendant necklaces in there for just $5!
  • i am so looking forward to seeing my favourite author, chuck palahniuk, in just a few weeks! i just got done reading his nonfiction fugitives and refugees and i've started on his other nonfiction stranger than fiction.
  • i am a big fan of quentin tarantino and robert rodriguez (whose house i drive past whenever i drive to austin), so it's amazing that i never got around to seeing the grindhouse double feature of planet terror and death proof. well, i bought them and watched them with brandon this weekend, and let me just say that i am in love with death proof. what an awesome flick (other than all the drug use, but it does sort of serve a purpose). the music is really cool for the most part, too.
  • my wholesale order made it safely to its owner, and she loved the earrings! i am so happy! if they sell well, she's going to order more :).

well, believe it or not, that's all i've got to say right now. i hope everyone's having a great week, and don't forget to check out my clearance!


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