Friday, May 30, 2008

a startling discovery

well, the internet, on wednesday i went to buy my wedding dress. my maid-of-honour and best friend, sarah, went with me, and we also bought her dress. then we went to ulta and bought my nailpolish and makeup for the big day. it was a really great day, and i had a lot of fun catching up with her. we don't get to hang out very often because she goes to the prestigous university of texas and i live an hour away :(.

but today's blog entry story comes from a realization i made just yesterday.

backtrack to wednesday: i wanted to get pictures of me in my wedding dress so i could show my mom, who had wanted to come but had to work. all sarah and i had to take pictures with was her camera phone, however, because i was not thinking clearly due to the fact that i hadn't got a lot of sleep the night before (brandon had his friends over till 1 in the morning). so sarah took pictures, and yesterday she emailed them to me. obviously, they were blurry, but i was glad i at least had something to show my mom.

so i opened up the picture file after receiving it in my email, and i made a startling, horrifying discovery.

i'm not sure if any of you are familiar with lost highway, but it's a movie directed by david lynch and it is very messed up. needless to say, it is one of my favourite films, as i have weird tastes :p. anyway, robert blake (yes, that robert blake) plays this really creepy guy in the film, and my first thought upon seeing me in that wedding dress was: holy crap, my face looks strikingly familiar to robert blake's in lost highway.

this is not a good thing, the internet.

please note:

  • the pale face

  • me with very small eyebrows, robert blake with no eyebrows

  • the wide, dark eyes

  • the similar noses

  • the colour of the lips

and most terrifyingly:

  • the same exact smile. right down to the crescent wrinkles and dimples.

when i pointed this out to brandon, he exclaimed: honey, you really need to come up with a different smile.

yeah... i'm definately going to work on that. i always thought i looked creepy smiling in pictures, but it took my wedding dress photo for me to realize just why! ugh!


in other news, these are the nailpolishes i came home with:

the colour on the left is 'chicago champagne toast', and it's what i'm wearing on my wedding day. the colour is a little off in this photo; it's actually less mauve than that. the one in the middle is my favourite, and it's called 'gargantuan green grape'. brandon's actually letting me paint our bathrooms this colour (yay! i've always wanted a green bathroom, for some reason). the one on the right is 'do you lilac it?'. gotta love opi nailpolish names!

also, i have several new books to read this summer! i bought lullaby (chuck palahniuk; the only book by him that i haven't read), no country for old men (cormac mccarthy), teacher man (frank mccourt, another of my favourite authors), a gemstone reference book, and another mothman book. those should keep me busy, don't you think? :)

well, i'm off to start making some new, exciting merch for my shop! and my sale ends tomorrow, so don't forget to take advantage of that!



KieutiePie said...

OH my god, honey, that is the FUNNIEST thing!!! I'm so glad you're fine with sharing your embarrassing moments just like I am, because they are so incredibly amusing. Don't worry. You're not as scary as he is. Promise. =} How exciting though! YAY dresses and nail polish! What a lovely girly time.

melissa, aka maoiliosa said...

haha, thanks dahling kieu! ;p

sofia said...

Melissa...congrats on all the wedding stuff! But you are soooo look nothing like him!!! Crazy girl!

melissa, aka maoiliosa said...

thanks sofia!

i guess i get a little carried away sometimes, heehee ;p.