Monday, June 16, 2008

new and improved!

introducing: my new magnet sets! after lots of problems (which my friend lea was kind enough to listen to, haha) with my slide-top tin circle magnet sets, i decided to completely reinvent my magnet line. i am very, very happy with the results :). the end product makes for a much more pretty, thoughtful, and original gift than the previous magnet sets.

what do you think? here's the direct link to this ^ magnet set, 'asian garden'. i have 6 more magnet sets ready to be listed, but they will have to take their turn behind the rest of the washi-scape pendant necklaces i have yet to list. whew, i have been really busy creating this past week!

talking about my washi-scape line, here's the newest:

'good day, sunshine'. so bright and cheery!



LeaKarts said...

Hey, we are the magnet ladies today! :D I love your new sets--the clear boxes are lovely.

melissa, aka maoiliosa said...

sweet! i love your new magnets too, lea!