Monday, June 23, 2008

taking a little break...

... to write a blog. whew, what a weekend!

saturday, brandon and i had our second cake tasting for our wedding cake (delicious!), and the ladies who are doing our cake complimented my purse and asked about it. i told them i bought it from a woman on etsy, and it turns out that one of the cake ladies' husband has a shop on etsy! i told them about my shop, which turned into me telling them about my wedding washi fortune cookies, and they said they would put my store's link in their "friends" section of their company's website as soon as they have a free moment! wow! also, they told me about this indie shop near downtown austin that sells on consignment, and after checking it out, i am definately going to make an appointment with the buyer so i can begin selling there. and when brandon and i got home from austin, i saw that i had sold a pair of earrings ('the dawn is still dark')!

sunday was full of cleaning and reorganizing.

here's what my workspace looks like now that it's all organized. MUCH better than before, trust me! i am normally a very organized person, but my workspace can be a very confusing place at times. but the most exciting thing about sunday was that i sold 7 things from my shop, plus 2 books from my store!

and this morning, i woke up to ANOTHER sale - this one from a friend of a friend! i truly am on cloud nine. i am so happy my little shop is taking off. hopefully soon i won't have to worry about how i'm going to pay bills :).

so today has been one big, busy blur - packing orders, mailing orders, ordering new moo cards (yes, i am already almost out!), starting to remake all my sold items, and talking business with lea (who is having a "free shipping" sale today, by the way, in honour of her 2-year etsyversary!). here's what my fat stack of mailables looked like today:

on my dining room table. 7 packages (... and my mortgage payment, grrr...), including 2 international ones!

and the day's not done yet: i just made ANOTHER sale! the etsy gods must be testing me to see if i've got what it takes, haha ;p.

all i can say is i am so grateful: i'm grateful for all my blog readers. i'm grateful for all my customers. and most of all, i am deeply, deeply grateful for all of you that i call "friend". ♥

have a wonderful evening :). who knows what tomorrow brings!



LeaKarts said...

That is so awesome--great cake, great sales, and great connections! You totally deserve it! :)

KieutiePie said...

OMG that's such a cute way to make a little connection. How sweet of them! =D

Clarissa said...

wow congratulations on your success so far! things will only get better!

amazing how things turn out aye ? :)

keep it up!