Wednesday, July 9, 2008

animals and a new haircut

what is this new evil?...

it's a tarantula! UGH! the other night as i was crafting at my little crafty-time table, i looked out the window and saw this monstrosity hanging out on our wall. when i took this picture, i was standing about 12 feet away from it. it was huge.

then i spotted this weird thing chilling on our house:

anyone know what this creature is?!

and the past few nights around 10, this little guy comes around and eats the peanuts from the bird seed mix off our patio:

he is soooo cute! (please forgive the strange lighting; i had to use the 'night' setting on my camera). brandon and i sat inside the house at the front door and took pictures of this sweety. he knew he was being watched, but he ate anyway, and it was simply darling. he had a companion, but they apparently aren't getting along; he scared the other raccoon off every time it got within a foot or two of him :p. ps - how weird is it that he has two shadows?

and lastly, i must update you on my new haircut. i went into austin yesterday to hang out with my best friend, sarah, and we went to get our hair cut together.

i love it! my stylist made me blush, too: she wouldn't stop telling me how good i smelled (jasmine body spray) and how pretty my hair colour is, heehee. it felt nice to be pampered, even if it was just a shampooing, haircut, and a few nice compliments :).

no big news to report on the shop front. july has proved to be very slow, after all. oh well, this way i can start preparing my inventory for autumn and xmas :D.


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