Tuesday, July 1, 2008

june summary, july goals

'lilith', one of my newest beauties in my shop

my goals for june were:
  • sell 25 items in my shop, bringing my total to 81 items sold
  • look into another wholesale opportunity
  • clear out my tile pendants
  • reach 360 hearts
  • have lots of fun! i'm going to a book signing/reading of my favourite author, chuck palahniuk, this thursday, then saturday brandon and i are seeing eddie izzard! my best friend sarah and i need to plan my bachelorette party, too. and i want to read a bunch of the books i just got in the mail :)
  • join an etsy street team?
  • work on my french and biology stuff

here's what actually happened:

  • i sold an amazing 44 items in my shop... wow! as of the end of the day on june 30, i reached 102 total sales.
  • i did more than just look into wholesale opportunities; i landed 2 new wholesale accounts, got a reorder on my previous one, and have 2 pending wholesale accounts! all this happened the last week of the month, too, so i'm still feeling a bit overwhelmed (but in a great way!)
  • immediately, all but 4 of my tile pendants sold out. i still have 4 left, and they are still $4 and waiting for good homes :).
  • i surpassed my goal and made it to 363 hearts ♥
  • i did have a ton of fun! i did all the stuff i planned, although i didn't get as much reading done as i wanted.
  • i found an etsy team to join and contacted the team leader (EAST - earthpath artisans street team, by the way), and all i have to do now is go through their checklist to be in compliance and participate in the team :D. they seem like a really nice group of people, and i think me and my shop will fit in nicely.
  • okay, now hear me out! i totally didn't do anything for my biology class :/. i really need to do that; summer is quickly passing. i did practice my french a bunch, but i need to start studying my textbooks in addition to practicing.

june was a fabulous month! i'm really excited, because everyone says summer is slooooooow, but i'm getting so much accomplished.

here are my july goals:

  • sell 45 things in my shop, bringing my total to 147.
  • complete all these wholesale orders and delve into the new ones
  • reach 430 hearts
  • introduce my new washi fortune cookie line (thanks for your enthusiasm and advise, ryan!)
  • start preparing my inventory for christmas, as i will not be able to do a whole lot of new creating once college starts again at the end of august
  • attend my bachelorette party and have a blast! :D
  • take care of the rest of the wedding stuff, because, again, i won't have as much time on my hands when college starts in august
  • plan brandon's birthday (august 9)
  • do all that biology and french stuff (for real this time!)

here's to a fruitful july, everyone!



sofia said...

Hey Melissa...congrats on surpassing your goals! Congrats on the wholesale orders-very cool!

Good luck with your studies! Gambatte ne! (good luck in Japanese-I have lost most of my French and hell...most of my English!)

melissa, aka maoiliosa said...

haha ;). unfortunately for me, i've lost most of my french, too! must get it back - and quickly, heehee! thanks, sofia!

LeaKarts said...

Congratulations chica! You had a great month--here's to an even better July!