Tuesday, October 21, 2008

itty-bitty bookworms feature :) and my new cute hair :p

i was recently contacted by a super nice stay-at-home-mom named tara, who operates a wonderful company (itty-bitty bookworms) that makes preschool lessons for little ones :), and also runs a blog that shares her ideas with the internet at large.

tara asked me if i would be interested in participating in one of her blog giveaways, and as anyone who knows me knows: i love giving people things and making them happy! so of course i said yes :).

the blog post is here if you'd like to take a look. the whole blog is really cute, and while i'm not a mother, i enjoy reading tara's posts :). of course, if you do happen to be a mother of a young child, it's that much more interesting!

in other incredibly pressing news :p, since the wedding is over, i was able to finally chop off my hair!

i was true to my word (to brandon, who wanted me to have longer hair for the wedding) and resisted the strong urge to chop off my locks. ugh, i just hate when my hair is long! long to me is shoulder-length, haha. my hair looks SO much better short, and i am feeling free and happy now that i don't have to deal with sticking my hair up in that silly bun every day anymore, heehee!

can you guys related to the hair thing? does your partner want you to have a style that is the complete opposite of how you think your hair looks good? am i the only one faced with this burden? haha.

well, the nine inch nails concert is in 2 days (!), so i am grateful for the short hair! i've got to look my best, you know, just in case trent reznor approaches me (riiiiight...) ;p.



Tizzalicious said...

I love the new hair!

LeaKarts said...

Your hair looks fantastic!

Have SO much fun at NIN--I know Trent will be on the lookout for you ;)

Congrats on the giveaway--what a fun blog!

Sorry I have been MIA lately, things are so hectic right now. I miss you!

maoiliosa said...

thanks tizzy! :D

awww thank you, lea-pie! yes i am sure i will catch mr. reznor's eye ;p. i miss you, too! things have been weird here, too, but we will get back to convoing 100 times daily again soon ;).

Connie from Sweet Figments said...

yay for haircuts!

maoiliosa said...

yay! great minds think alike ;).

Anonymous said...

your hair looks amazing!

maoiliosa said...

awww thanks so much, leslie! you're too sweet! :D