Sunday, November 30, 2008

cyber monday sale!

30% off everything in my shop this monday, CYBER MONDAY, 12-01-08!

this sale is in addition to my other sales that are going on right now:

  • buy 3, get 1 free on all pocket mirrors! on duplicates, too!
  • pendant necklaces reduced to just $10 each!
  • free shipping on all orders over $50!
don't miss your chance to save big this holiday season!

the sale will run all day, starting at midnight monday and ending at 11:59 monday night (central time).

this is such a crazy time of the year! you'll be relieved to know (well, i was, at least!) that i got an 'a' in that biology class that i put off forever :p. i now have to do an entire sociology of deviance class in just one week (but don't fret for me - i just need to write a bunch of papers, which just so happens to be my forte!). i have 2 other college courses beginning this week (gotta love self-paced classes!), and i need to apply to take that gigantic french test soon so i can test out of all my foreign language credits i need to graduate.

on top of that, i am still waiting to hear back on the final result of whether or not the retail shop i am supposed to manage will open, and whether or not what the job entails will suit me and my schedule. and on top of THAT, i have been working on a secret new project that will appear in my shop this coming friday! all i can say is it's nothing like anything you've seen on etsy, and you're gonna LOVE it! :D

and i did finally get my wedding pictures, so i will be sharing a few of those on tuesday. i already have them in an album on my facebook account, so you can peek there for many more photos than i will be able to post here :).

i hope all of you had a tryptophan-tastic thanksgiving! ;D haha, sorry, that's my favourite (and thankfully only...) thanksgiving gimmick!


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