Friday, December 19, 2008

a close encounter...

"nom nom nom"

"huh? i'm being watched?!"

"aaaah! time to go!"

, she seemed to say. i was about to go out and check the mail the other day (note: the crooked mailbox. that's because the ups guy decided to back up into it - he insisted on doing a u-turn right there. ugh. you should have seen me and brandon tugging on the post to get the mailbox into a semi-straight position again.), and this sweet little deer was eating the grass ::coughweedscough:: right in front of our house. i just had to grab my camera, sneak up to the window, and take some pictures of this precious lady :). she soon became wise to my paparazziness, however, and darted off across the street (by the mailbox, which is where i was going in the first place, and i scared her a second time when i approached it, ::sigh::).

ps - aren't our "streets" awesome? :F. god, get me outta here and back to austin... soon!



LeaKarts said...

So cute! What an awesome close encounter :)

FromJapanWithLove said...

Wow!! Cute! I loved the commentary!

maoiliosa said...

heehee! i aim to please :).