Tuesday, December 2, 2008

tree day!

every year on december 1st, brandon and i decorate our christmas tree (and the lizards' homes, as you can see, heehee!). this year, we decided on a woodland theme for the tree, and i like the way it turned out!

we have several squirrels dangling from the tree this year (how cute!).

can't forget that christmas favourite: the beaver! :p

i love this little guy! a pinecone hedgehog! anyone who knows me knows i adore hedgies ♥.

our house has dozens of owls strewn about, so it's only fitting that we have owl ornaments, as well. this one looks particularly creepy.

and here are some of the non-woodsy ornaments:

our double-happiness chinese take-out box ornament, complete with fortune cookie (the fortune, when you pull it out of the cookie, says "how fortunate to have each other". awww! we bought it last year to commemorate our first year in our new house.

and our yearly ornament: this year's edition from the 'frosty friends' collection! i love these little guys! we have 3 now, 1 for each year brandon and i have lived together :).

and we always finish off 'tree day' with a smooth and frothy cup of hot chocolate, made melissa-style!

and might i add: i love prelit christmas trees! our tree never takes more than half an hour to take out of the box, set up, and decorate - awesome! and it was only $25 at our grocery store! what the heck, right?!

what are some of your holiday traditions?



kim* said...

your ornaments are amazing :)

LeaKarts said...

*eep!* Those little squirrels and hedgehogs are SO cute! I love your tree, and that hot chocolate makes me want hot chocolate like nothin' else :) Yum!