Friday, December 5, 2008

washi wall scrolls are here!

i am so excited to share with you my newest line: mini washi wall scrolls!

i thought of the idea for these many months ago, but it took time to find out exactly how i wanted to execute my plan and make this beauties as perfect as melissa-ly possible ;).

finally, i am proud to show these off to you!

3 styles will be listed today in my shop, with more to follow in the coming days.

a few details on these:

each wall scroll measures 12" x 9" when hanging, and is suspended by a little ribbon loop. the entire item was hand-sewn by me. the scrolls come lightly rolled inside these gorgeous silken gift boxes (some scrolls come with red, some green) :

a simple set of care instructions and a special gift come with the scrolls, as well. the complete gift comes well-packaged (as always!) and is mailed by priority mail (u.s. only for now - sorry international friends, you know i love you! it's a matter of shipping cost :( ).

this is the first wall scroll to be listed.

wow, i am delighted that these turned out so well... in fact, they are exactly as i envisioned before i started!

feel free to comment on these - i am excited to see what you think!



FromJapanWithLove said...

These are gorgeous!!!! I'm sure they will be a hit!!!

LeaKarts said...

So awesome! I love how they came out!

maoiliosa said...

yay, thanks you guys! :D

auryndesign said...

Beautiful - I just LOVE these. Wonderful work!!

maoiliosa said...

heather - awww thank you! you're making some beautiful things nowadays, yourself :D. well, actually, you always do, but you know what i mean!