Thursday, January 1, 2009

the big 'thank you!' celebration!

as a special thank-you to you all, in celebration of the new year and of my business being open for its first full year:

30% off your entire order from 'washi by maoiliosa', now through january 31st!

just enter "new year" in the 'notes to seller' section at checkout and i will refund you, or you can wait for a revised invoice from me.

i can't thank my friends and customers enough for such a fantastic year... you all are awesome!

i'm really excited to begin 2009. i've been busy the last few days doing little repairs around the house that i've been meaning to do forever (redo the curtain rods namely, which looked hideous before as it was only supposed to be temporary) and doing inventory.

i've also got a whole bunch of new things planned for the shop this year, and i've already met my first goal for the year: redesigning my packaging for more effective branding! i'll be sharing pics of those with you sometime soon (in the next few days), along with a short series of blog posts outlining lessons i learned from 2008 and tips for going forward in 2009.

my next goal is to redo all my shop photos, whether they're "okay" or not. i've learned a lot about revamping photos to meet their highest potential over the course of this past year, and it's time to clean up the shop and give it a new, fresh look with crisper, better pictures :).

there are many things i'm looking forward to this year, such as graduating college (finally!), pushing my business to the next level of success, and of course, my honeymoon with my husband! that's going to be especially awesome - we've decided to go to oregon for a week or so, see all the natural beauty of the pacific northwest, get me on a plane for the first time (no joke! so lame, i know!), see some dear friends (shoutout to lea and ryan!) while spending the largest chunk of our time in the fabulous city of portland (potential relocation in the next few years... ;)), and simply spending time with each other away from home. home is great, but vacations are necessary to my survival, and quite frankly, i don't take them enough, considering all the stress i'm always under with school and such ;p.

so here's to 2009, you all! may all your dreams and goals be addressed amply this year :).



LeaKarts said...

YAY!! Here's to a great new year!

KieutiePie said...

grats and good luck!!! I think I want to redesign packaging this year as well. Have fun in Oregon! Happy 2009!

WK said...

Hey! I was born in Portland! :o) (Sadly, I haven't seen it since my family moved to Texas, when I was a few weeks old, heh.) Now that we're in the right part of the country, I'm hoping for a family vacation up that way before *too* long... But most of our little vacations turn into drives to San Francisco, heh. Happy new year, enjoy your honeymoon, and congratulations on all of your success!

maoiliosa said...

i didn't know that, whitney! how cool :).

thanks, you guys! you rock :D. happy new year to all of you!