Friday, January 30, 2009

feature friday: boygirlparty

i am so excited to begin my 'feature friday' series with popular etsy artist susie ghahremani of boygirlparty!

having been completely infatuated with susie's etsy shop since, well, practically since i discovered etsy, i recently decided i owed it to myself to partake in some boygirlparty items that i had been adoring from my favorites!

what i bought:

yellow owl to do list notepad, $8

as you probably know, i loooove owls, so of course susie's whimsical version of one of my favourite creatures was a must for me to own! this notepad is very practical; i am always scribbling ideas and plans on post-it notes, which are definately not as cute :), and also, having this one notepad keeps everything in one place, not scattered across my desk! my favourite part? the "do later" column ;D. i am such a huge procrastinator!

there is also a blue version of this notepad, also for $8.

what i got as gifts:

my birthday was january 13th, and my beloved husband took the hint that i wanted a very etsy birthday :). he bought me these goodies:

soooo cute! i admit the paper is so pretty i am hesitant to use it, but i just love this! the bird is darling, and the stick trees and stylized hills make nice accents to this stationary!

owl notecards, $12

my obsession with owls continues! while brandon bought these for me, i'm sure he'll be getting the majority of them back when i write "love you" notes or birthday messages in them for him (he also loves owls!). or i might just hang them up as little mini pieces of art!

other notecard styles are available in susie's illustrated paper goods section of her shop.

favourite things about my shopping/receiving experience:

susie is incredibly friendly and sweet! also, i thought the packaging was lovely, especially the vividly-coloured tissue paper she uses to wrap up each order.

what i still want:

hedgehog piano giclee print, $20

well, if i could buy everything available at boygirlparty, i totally would! but right now, my most desired piece is this precious little hedgie! look at his little smile, awww!

boygirlparty is truly a fabulous shop. with all these unique, functional, and affordable goodies, you can't go wrong! it's no wonder susie is so successful :).


(all photos courtesy of and copyrighted by susie ghahremani of boygirlparty)


auryndesign said...

I love her stuff!! It makes me want to go out and draw some owls...but people might look at me funny here at work. Haha.

Have a great weekend!

LeaKarts said...

How could anyone NOT like boygirlparty?!? Totally adorable stuff! Brandon is totally adorable, too, giving you an Etsy birthday :) Aw!