Sunday, March 8, 2009

fellow austinites...

'maoiliosa' merch is now available at 'aviary'! if you're in the austin area and are jonesing for some japanese flair in your life, head on over to 2110 south lamar and take a peek at my necklaces, pocket mirrors, magnet sets, bobby pins, and earrings in person!

i'm excited to be able to offer my wares and more and more local and national venues. when you love what you do, i guess you want to share the love with everyone, huh? :).

on another note: sorry i've been kind of m.i.a. lately, my dear readers! school has really become my priority this semester, and i am eager to finish. i'm so close to having my degree, i can practically smell it!

not much exciting has been going on here that i've neglected to tell you, other than i finally bought myself a new desk chair (it was LONG overdue, trust me!) and a fancy new camera! it's a canon powershot sx110 is, and i am in love ♥. the only problem is i haven't had a lot of spare time to fiddle with it yet; you might notice a good chunk of the photos in my shop are entirely too dark, and this is because i prematurely uploaded the pictures i took with my new camera without even thinking about proper lighting (i can be a scatter-brain when i'm giddy about something, haha!). so i do apologize for the crappy photos, but as soon as the sun comes out again, all will be mended :).


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