Tuesday, June 2, 2009

going to see tori amos soon!

oh my goodness, can life possibly get any better? i stumbled upon the most amazing thing the other day: tori amos is coming to austin on july 25th!

am i going? oh yes, i am! :)

i can't really explain what a huge inspiration tori amos has been to me throughout my teen and adult life. sometimes, i just hop on youtube and watch her taped concerts for hours. she's an extremely powerful performer, with such skill with words and melody, and her lyrics and tone really speak to me on a number of levels. i feel so lucky to be able to watch her perform in person in less than 2 months from now. i'll probably cry :p.

brandon is, of course, going with me, and we don't really have the best seats, but we are on the lower level, so that's enough to be grateful for! i can't wait!

okay, thanks for letting me share my excitement :).


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