Tuesday, June 16, 2009

introducing... 'kabuku' by maoiliosa!

as you may know if you follow me on twitter or are my friend on facebook, i've been working on these new necklaces for a few weeks now, and i'm happy to say they're finally here! they're called 'kabuku', which is the word that kabuki comes from, and it means "to be out-of-the-ordinary" in japanese. fitting, yeah? :D

i am just so excited about these new pieces! each is made using a kind of washi paper (of course!) called katazome, which is stencil-dyed instead of being silk-screened like chiyogami washi paper is. the result, as you can see, is bold, delicious colouring, which makes for very dramatic and fun pendants.

i've been wearing my test piece, which is just like the red lotus necklace above, everywhere i go, and i've received SO many compliments already! i set out to make a fresh, funky, chunky, indie-chic line of necklaces, and i think i definately succeeded :).

the pendants are approximately 1" by 1.5", and are a bit thicker than the other pendants i make, which i love! also, each pendant is pierced with a thick-gauge sterling silver ring and suspended from one of my 18" silver-plated chains. they're $17 each.

here are some of the others available in my etsy shop:

and in true maoiliosa fashion, they each come gift boxed like this:

how do you like them?



LeaKarts said...

They are so pretty! I might have to go do a bit of shopping ;)

maoiliosa said...

heehee :). thanks, lea!

Gamer Girl said...

Gorgeous. I love the red lotus , the cherry tree, and the blue flower. I think I might know what to get my mom for xmas now.

maoiliosa said...

awww yay :). thank you!

Mel said...

These are gorgeous. I just have to say something to you, I can't get over how beautiful ALL of your stuff is! I'm a fan of ShanaLogic, you see, and a few of your pieces are available there. I decided to check out the actual shops of some of the artist on there, and I just picked you. Now, I can't get over how lovely it all is! You will definitely see me buying a lot of your stuff in the future, and I'm going to have to blog about this find as well! X3
Thank you so much for creating these lovely things!

maoiliosa said...

mel, that is the sweetest thing ever! awww, i want to give you a great big hug - thank you :). i'm so glad you found me on shanalogic and all that, because it's customers like you that make me love what i do! xoxo!

FromJapanWithLove said...

These are really lovely!! I love the first one...great color!!

maoiliosa said...

arigato, sofia! :)