Friday, August 14, 2009

new family member: ginger!

i finally have a free moment and some exciting news to share!

brandon and i now have a dog! we named her ginger, and she is soooo sweet! someone abandoned her, and we tried for days to find her owner, but no luck, so now she is ours :D.

she is just the sweetest dog ever and we already love her. this isn't the best picture of her, but it's the only one i have so far. i'll bet that you'll be seeing a lot more of this cutie here on my blog in the future, though ;).

hope everyone is keeping cool and having a great summer! times have been very stressful for me lately, and long story short, i won't be graduating until may. a few of you have scolded me for not being more writey on my blog lately, and i'm sorry! stress stress stress.

i'll post again soon, i promise :).


1 comment:

FromJapanWithLove said...

Very cute!! I am guessing your life has changed! I fell in love with my mom's dog but not sure I could acutally have one....