Monday, November 2, 2009

new fabulous items just listed!

if you've looked in my shop at all today, you might have noticed something exciting: nearly 20 new items, mostly from my new and popular 'kabuku' line!

some of my favourite newbies:

'vintage crane' wall scroll

'tropical blossom' kabuku necklace

'plum branch' kabuku necklace on one of my new 18" gunmetal chains (also sold separately)

'chakra flower' kabuku necklace

'winter wonderland' is back for the holiday season!

a new style of ring: rectangle wood pieces for the perfect kabuku look

and finally...

kabuku wrapped bangle bracelets! these are $20 each and are in very limited quantity currently (i only have 2 of the purple, one of the red, and one of the branches). hopefully i will be able to get ahold of more bracelet blanks soon, because i love these!

whew, well, i've spent the entire day either taking pictures or sitting on the computer listing these new beauties, and i think i deserve a break! time for me to go relax and drink one of these delicious hot chocolate things i whip up :).



WK said...

Wow, the bracelets were a brilliant idea! They look fantastic!

...Almost as good as the "delicious hot chocolate thing." ;)

Tizzalicious said...

Wow, you've been busy!

I love the bracelets too, and the hot chocolate looks delicious!