Thursday, December 3, 2009

i love odd jobs

i was commissioned earlier this week to make asian-themed centerpieces for a party that is happening tomorrow evening. i earned a quick chunk of cash and got to use my creativity, so it's all good :). here's how they turned out:

and as part of that, i was asked to make 60 of my washi fortune cookies!

odd jobs are great, but i also need steady income, so i bit the bullet and applied for a job that i'm grossly overqualified for but need nonetheless. working in a video store can be fun, right? :p i just need something until we move back to austin, where i've got a better opportunity lined up. gotta sell our house first, though! we buried our little st. joseph statue the other day (google 'st. joseph real estate kit' if you aren't familiar and want a good laugh ;)), so hopefully someone will want our house soon!


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