Sunday, December 6, 2009

"snow" day

it actually snowed here on friday! i know you're thinking: "snow? in TEXAS?! melissa is a liar!" but no! now, of course, none of it actually stuck to the ground and accumulated, but we did get a brief flurry of honest-to-goodness snow!

sadly, this is the best picture i could get of it:

yeah, like 5 white specks :p. the camera didn't really pick up on the flakes well :(.
but guess who came out to see the strange event...

pete! here he is on our driveway, and you can see a few flecks of snow in the air.

so cute. we started leaving some worms outside for him every few days (extras from what we feed our leopard geckos), and he loves them so much that he hangs out around our house all the time now with his lady friend :).

i wish it snowed here in central texas more often. we get a little bit of it every 5 years or so, but mostly in the winter we just get ice. i'm originally from ohio, and haven't seen bunches of snow in person since i was really little, and i miss it!


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