Wednesday, January 6, 2010

mmm thai

brandon and i have been going to this excellent thai place in town and it is SO good! we just get the food to go and bring it home to enjoy :).

oh, and happy new year! as you can probably tell by now, i'm not able to blog much anymore due to college and the stresses of life, but i promise to blog when i can. i am currently taking my final class for college (a math class, ugh!), and i will be graduating in may, so things will be busy for me between now and then.

hope you are all keeping warm this winter!



LeaKarts said...

eep! I have been terrible at reading blogs lately, so I have missed several of your posts! Finish college already, lady, would you?!? ;) And congrats on 1000 hearts! You are loved :)

maoiliosa said...

heehee, i've been bad about it, too! and hey now, i'm TRYING to finish college - i'm on my last class, at least! unfortunately, 'tis math... ::snore:: but i shall make it through it yet ;). thank you for the congraticles!