Wednesday, February 22, 2012

more coming soon

i've been working on a new finish to my pendants.  matte finish is nice, and in the past, i've preferred it to the glossy look, which i think turns out looking plastic-y and cheap a lot of the time, but i decided to give it a go.  i'm pleased with the results.  there's just the right amount of gloss, and the piece isn't topped off with a thick dome of it, either - just an even layer, enough to give it some dimension.  the result is a more professional-looking pendant.

these aren't the best photos, but i think you get the idea:

the real trouble is photographing them well.  if you've ever tried to photograph anything shiny before, you know this plight:  light bounces off the piece so readily.  how frustrating!  the key is to find the right balance of diffused natural light - too little light, and you're not properly showing off the piece; too much light, and your photo is washed out and your glossy piece practically turns into a laser beam ;p.

photographing items has always been my weak point in running my business.  despite how much i've learned and how much time i put into practicing with different methods, i'm just not an amazing macro photographer. one day, hopefully i can either afford a high-end camera that can make me look like an expert or pay someone who actually -is- an expert ;).

anyway, i plan to offer both glossy and matte styles in my shop, at least for a time, to see which people like more.  i also plan on glossing some of my rings and stud earrings, so stay tuned for those!


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