Tuesday, January 29, 2008

they're here!...

my pink, black, and silver lariats arrived today from australia, so you know what that means:

melissa made cell phone/ipod charms all afternoon! :D

i'm giving you a sneak preview here (look up!). what do you think of 'em? did you notice the creepy smiley face i drew in the middle of the rice? :p. today was an EXCELLENT day for taking photos; the sun was out and came in the window just right (for once).

of course, there will be many more charms added to the collection in the days to come, but this is what's being added to my shop tonight. believe me, if i could, i would sit at home all day and make things for my etsy shop, but alas! i have a 30hr/wk job doing office work and i am taking 16 credit hours at school this semester.

but i always find time for etsy :).

anyway, be sure to check these cuties out tomorrow in my shop! who knows, maybe i can even manage to make a few more after class ;).

(and yes, i AM addicted to using smiley/winky/creepy faces)


ps - oops, almost forgot to mention: i bought the lariats from an awesome etsy seller named siiri (http://siiri.etsy.com). take a peek at her shop; she has all kinds of tiny cuties!

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