Wednesday, February 6, 2008

my new space

having so much free time on my hands now, i decided to reorganize my washi workspace.

here's what it looked like before:

my pendant tree. everything was constantly getting tangled, i couldn't find the pendant i wanted easily, and yes, it is sitting on my airhockey table :p.

some of my store stuff, also on the airhockey table. hey, don't judge me! ;)

my shipping box. here are the tubes i mail my washi pendants, charms, magnet sets, etc. in.

this is where all my store stuff SHOULD be. i needed to buy another tower organizer before that could be possible, though. the green box and the stuff on top of it is all wedding stuff that needed to go elsewhere.

well, now i am happy to share with you the "after" picture:

yay! the pendants and charms are now all in their individual, labeled baggies, ready to be mailed. my other made merchandise is in the basket. all my shipping materials have a home now. everything is now tucked away in its perfect place :).

there's something very thereputic about cleaning up your work environment. i feel like i am making positive changes, and with that comes the optimism to make things happen.

have a wonderful wednesday, everyone!


ps - the lovely black-and-white floral print on top of my ribbon dispenser in the pic is by my etsy friend ara133photography. please check out her shop! i am in love with the squirrels :).


Brandon pie said...


and now we get to move the air hockey table for maximum spaceyspace.

maoiliosa said...

for great justice!

ara133photography said...

Wow, your space is so organized!! Love the new cuties :) Thanks so much for mentioning me!!!

maoiliosa said...

my pleasure, ara!