Wednesday, February 6, 2008

what a week!

hello, the internet. what a week it has been so far! here's what's happened in melissa-land:

1. i quit my job. long story short: my boss was my future mother-in-law, so that equals mother-in-law drama. i just couldn't work for that woman anymore. the good news is now i have plenty of time to devote to school, housework, and of course my etsy shop, which has been doing really well!

2. i cleaned the lizard terrariums. brandon (the fiance) and i have 4 leopard geckos: asuka, trent, sonny, and mike. we are not the best lizard parents in the world, because their homes only get completely cleaned out every 6 months or so. i believe they're supposed to be cleaned every month :(. but they're happy and healthy, and they get lots of food and love. here's my cutie asuka on her log:

sorry for the shininess and the waterspots :p. you get the point! she's a silly lizard.

here's trent. all you can see is his fat tail sticking out of his hidey rock:

we have illusive critters.

3. my shop was featured in fabulous etsy member battlemaiden's blog yesterday! take a peeky poo at: . thanks so much, battlemaiden!

4. friday through sunday, i was featured in my first treasury, thanks to fellow etsian, studio27! i was so excited to find that, and i did take a screenshot, but it was the worst screenshot ever :(. i need to work on that. but thanks, studio27!

i am really starting to come into my own at etsy, and i am so grateful! i'm just hoping that my shop becomes so successful that i don't have to get a "real" job, and i can just make more cuties for you nice people ;). this is my dream! thank you all for being a part of it!


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