Wednesday, March 5, 2008

how charming!

so i just thought that i would share something with you, the internet: i reduced the price on my cellphone/ipod charms! they were originally $7, but now they are only $5. also, i lowered the shipping fee on my charms for international buyers. actually, i lowered my international shipping fees on every item in my shop!

for some reason, i have not sold ONE of these cuties (the cellphone/ipod charms, that is), so maybe the lower price will help. i switched out the sterling silver rings for jump rings, which is why the price is lowered. the price of sterling has been on the rise as of late. who needs sterling silver on a cellphone charm, anyway? :p

so if you're interested in giving a cutie like 'curious koi' here ^ a great home, there's no better time than now to buy one! click here to visit the cellphone/ipod charm section of my shop.


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