Tuesday, March 4, 2008

lol cats, omg

during the week, brandon is at work (a vast 5 minutes away up the dirt road) and i am usually at home on my computer, doing something etsy-ish. we are like joined at the hip and can't stand not to talk to each other for half a day at a time, so one thing that brandon and i like to do throughout the workday is send silly pictures to each other through email.

and by "silly pictures", i mean of cats :p. we have a mutual love and fascination for kittehs, so we search the internet for the most "wtf" cat pictures, real and doctored alike.

here are a few of our favourites. maybe tuesday should be "lol cat day" here on my blog!

enjoy! :D

^monorail cat

^ but i eated it cat. too cute, and too sad. long ago, i posted this on brandon's myspace for his enjoyment.

^hugs tiem cat. what we say after a brief, minor argument.

^snakecat. i imitate this face at brandon when he's trying to annoy me on purpose.
^i has snow cat. we say this to each other randomly during car rides to austin on saturdays.

^ and finally, reer cat and long cat, as drawn by me. 'reer' is the sound a mad cat makes. a long cat is a cat that is freakishly long. the one i drew there is pouting.

*all the cat pictures were found using google's 'random cat' gadget, except the one i drew, of course :p. that one is the product of my special imagination.


Tyffany said...

We loooooooooove lolcats too! Ever since I found the site Alfonso and I have both been hooked -- and I make sure I check it every day ;p

My favorites are usually the 'invisible' ones, or the nerd related ones <3

..not to mention I'm always walking around asking Alfonso 'I can has?' or 'I has a money, what I do now?' hehe..

Miss ya much, hope you're well!


ara133photography said...

Hi!! Those are great cat photos!!! :) I love the silly cat forwards too. So fun to see a photo of you!! :)

melissa, aka maoiliosa said...

hey ladies! glad you enjoy the cats as much as i do :D.