Monday, March 31, 2008

strawberries, meatloaf, and a shopping spree

i have a lot of things to share with you today, the internet!:
  • my honey-pie brandon did a super-sweet thing for me a few days ago. while i was in my history class all day, he went to the store and bought me flowers, strawberries, whipped cream, and a cute card for a nice romantic surprise! this is a rare indulgence, as brandon doesn't usually do this sort of thing. the flowers are alstros, one of my favourite kinds of flower because they're so delicate, colourful, and (best of all) inexpensive! last night, i chopped up some of the strawberries and served up this tasty treat for us:

i stuck a raspberry-flavoured chocolate ball in the middle of his whipped cream, and an orange-flavoured one in mine. can you tell i like to create cute food presentations? haha. anyway, that was really sweet of him to do.
  • my friend wren posted this piechart in her blog yesterday, and i almost died laughing:

meatloaf: he'll do anything for love, but he won't do "that". i wonder what "that" is? hmm.

  • following my etsy friend tizzalicious' lead, i went on a crazy shopping spree! i mainly bought things for my best friend, sarah, who is my maid-of-honour. i came up with a really cool idea for a "thank you" gift for her, so i went on the prowl around some awesome etsy shops (and some non-etsy shops, too) to gather the goods. unfortunately, i can't share what i bought just yet, because she might read this blog and then the surprise would be ruined, but once i give it to her (in october), i'll share a picture of the completed gift with you!

of course, i didn't just buy things for sarah... i got some goodies for myself, too :D. here's what i got:

^this is from 'curious by design'. they have all different kinds of collages, and they're all really cool. i also liked the gypsy ones a lot. i'm not sure what i'm going to do with this yet, but i'm excited to find out!

^ these cutecutecute stickers are from my etsy friend fromjapanwithlove. i like to check her shop every few days to see what new kawaii things she listed :).

and finally,

^ i bought this as my wedding day purse. goldish-yellow isn't one of my wedding colours, but this tote just screamed "wedding!" at me, so i got it :). i love the little dragonflies that are on it; perfect for a japanese-esque bride!

so yes, i was naughty. but what else could i do when there are so many great sellers on etsy?! :D

<3, melissa


Anonymous said...

I should do it more often, but then it wouldn't be as great. :(

why is there a vast expanse of void at the bottom of your bloggity blog?

Clarissa said...

heyy~ i'm from (aishii)

i found your link off another blog.. and i didn't realise you bought bags off us!.. iw as just scrolling down your blog and saw our bag featured on your entry...

i know the bag is on its way!.. and i hope it serves well for that purpose!

its amazing knowing what our buyers use the bags for :)

enjoy =)

melissa, aka maoiliosa said...

hey clarissa! i can't wait to get my purses in the mail! thanks for checking out my blog :)