Sunday, March 30, 2008

the invitations

my wedding is only 6 months away!

i thought you might like to see how my wedding invitations turned out:

^ oops, this one is a reject because i placed the text label too far over to the left (notice how the first part of my name runs into the flower branch :p). but you get the point on how they look!

of course, they are 100% handmade by me, which i hope the receipiants will appreciate (in all, i guess it took me about 4 evenings to make 60 of these things). i had a blast making them!

^ this is the back of the invitation. i made a pocket to hold the r.s.v.p. info and 'save the date' sticker (to put in a dayplanner or on a calendar!).

^ finally, i signed the back of each invitation. i do this when i make cards for people, so i thought i'd continue the trend :).

so, what do you think?

other fun things:
  • i made a sale today! i sold 2 bags of cut-out paper sakura flowers this afternoon. just for fun, i'm going to double the order for free :).
  • the price of the art prints in my shop have all been lowered to $5! yay!
  • soon, there will be a new and fascinating product in my shop. hint: it involves washi paper, but not like the other items in my store thusfar! and it is very cute!
  • if you have a moment, please respond to the poll at the top right of my blog. i want to know if you think making washi rings is a good idea or not :).

okay, i'm off to stick address labels on a million envelopes (not nearly as much fun as making the invitations, i fear).

happy sunday to all :D.



KieutiePie said...

WOW those are adorable! =} They look fantastic, and I like that stamp. We're still not sure how to handle my sister's invitations. We're going to need soooo many because we have a big family! =}

melissa, aka maoiliosa said...

thanks, kieu! good luck with your sister's invitations, but i'm sure you'll come up with something awesome :).

Tizzalicious said...

Very pretty!

Connie said...

beautiful invites!

melissa, aka maoiliosa said...

thanks, tizz and tiny! :D