Friday, March 28, 2008

new merch and a treasury appearance

i just made these little cuties (which match my 'waking up' coin pendant perfectly), and you can now find them in my shop! my mom suggested i make this set. i named them 'the dawn is still dark' after a coffee mug i remember her using when i was little that said "faith is the bird that sings when the dawn is still dark".

also, i was fortunate enough to be featured on another treasury!

the thing that really made me excited about this one is that the famous littleput is also in this one. the fact that the treasury currator felt that my 'with a cherry blossom on top' earrings were in the same league as littleput's products just made my day! she is highly successful on etsy, and i certainly hope i can enjoy as much good fortune as she has someday :).

the other main thing that's been going on lately is wedding planning. my etsy friend kieutiepie asked me to talk about my ideas, questions, and experiences concerning my wedding planning (her sister is getting married), and i am happy to oblige! i'm currently finishing up the invitations, which are going to be mailed out next thursday (april 3rd, the 2-year anniversary of when brandon proposed <3), so that has been fun. i made the invitations myself; i'll try to remember to post pictures soon! so anyway, that's what's been going on.

time to go watch some more x-files!



Anonymous said...

I may have to start making you write down which x-files you're watching without me, so I can watch them when you're at school. :p


Tizzalicious said...

I'd love to see the invitations you made!

melissa, aka maoiliosa said...

i'll post pics of the invitations soon, tizz! :D