Wednesday, March 26, 2008


moolissa: that's what i used to get called in high school by a few dorky guys who were too shy to ask me out, so they made fun of me instead :p. the funny thing is: i was a beanstalk! i was definately lacking in "moo".

well that was off topic! i got my moo cards and stickers in the mail yesterday! there, that's more like it ;p.

^ my mooey spread. up at the top is my sticker book, featuring some of my favourite pendant necklaces from my shop! i love those little stickers. i don't know what i'm going to do with them yet, but i knew i had to have them :p. anyway, you can see my cards there, and my card holder (with my old cards on the right side and moo cards on the left).

^i love this card holder. i bought it from etsy seller sweetheartsinner a few months ago. you should check her out if you're looking for a cool business card holder, as she has TONS to choose from!

^ and here is a closeup of the text of my cards. simple and to the point, just like i like it :).

i'm sorry i haven't posted in the last week, the internet. last week was spring break, and, well, i must have gone through a time warp, because i can't remember really doing anything of consequence. i guess lying on the (new!) couch and watching endless hours of 'the x-files' will eat up a week pretty quickly, haha.

on that note: my seasons 3-5 of 'the x-files' came in the mail yesterday, too! i can't wait till i get to episodes like 'bad blood', 'small potatoes', and 'detour'... some of my favourites! yes, i am a huge nerd. also, the new x-files movie is coming out this july! what more could i ask for? ;p

well, that's all for now. i've got to try to come up with some creative ways to market and promote, since my shop has been dead for about 2 weeks now. eek!



Anonymous said...

"mooey spread" is funny, because butter comes from cows.

and flour comes from bees.


love you! :D

Tizzalicious said...

I'm loving all your moo goodies!