Wednesday, March 19, 2008

what went on this past week

i think it's been about a week since my last post. boo, bad melissa! lots of stuff happened:

i decided, upon everyone's votes and input, to go ahead and make earring sets for sale separately from the gift sets. i've already posted three earring sets in my shop, with many more to come!

^ this is 'with a cherry blossom on top'. ha ha, get it? i like to make my item names corny sometimes :p.

also, i got my tax id card in the mail the other day. this means that i am now an official retailer in the state of texas! i'm very excited :).

let's see, what else? i've been watching a lot of movies lately. brandon and i had a few of our friends over on sunday for a mini movie marathon, so that was fun. my friend jon bought me the first 2 seasons of 'the x-files' on dvd (slimset!) for my birthday in january, so i've been watching all those episodes. i went ahead and bought seasons 3-5 yesterday, as well. in case you didn't know, i am a huge 'x-files' fan! we rented 'no country for old men' (which we should have bought right then, but i bought it with the 'x-files' dvds a day later) and 'the darjeeling limited', which i don't know how to feel about. i like it and don't like it simultaneously. i'm like that with wes anderson flicks, although i always end up buying them and watching them over and over regardless. i managed to impress brandon hardcore: at the end of the movie, 'les champs-elysees' plays (french song), and i busted out singing it immediately. brandon what like, "what the hell?" because he certainly didn't know the song, and it was as if i knew it was coming. i didn't know, i swear! i learned the song in french class in high school and hadn't heard it since, but i managed to remember the words. so anyway, that was cool :p.

trent reznor has announced a fan-based project concerning his newest release, 'ghosts i-iv', an "instrumental" collection of 36 tracks with an ambient sound. the idea is that fans will make videos to go along with the music and submit them to him via youtube. sounds like a cool idea. the music itself is interesting.

well, that's about it for now. later today i'm going to post a late caturday blog. in the meantime, please enjoy 'charles has a licking problem'.


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