Monday, April 14, 2008

the freakiest thing you've ever seen

this is indrid. is he not the freakiest looking thing you've ever seen?

he's, supposedly, an owl. i bought him at target around halloween because he was so creepy, i just had to have him. if you've ever read 'the mothman prophecies' by john keel (or seen the not-as-factual movie starring richard gere), you'll recognize the name 'indrid' as the name the mothman used when confronting individuals with his cryptic messages. since the mothman is descriped as "owl-like, with glowing red eyes", i could think of no better name for this little guy.

anyway, i thought to blog about him today because i was sitting here at the computer, hoping for a sale, when i had the sudden feeling that someone was standing behind me. as i am home alone all day, this was unlikely! i turned to my right, and indrid, who sits on brandon's shelf above his computer, was looking at me, seemingly out of the corner of his eye. how creepy is that? ::shiver::

just thought i'd share my frightened moment with you :p.


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ashley said...

We used to have a white stuffed owl that we bought b/c it looked like the owl David Bowie from Labyrinth. It looked a lot like that (it was an old Halloween decoration). We would put him on the top shelf by the front door and he would scare the crap out of anyone who came to our house. I really miss that thing.