Friday, April 11, 2008

yay for friday!

today has been a great day so far! first of all, i woke up to a sale (i love when that happens!):

the item i sold was my "spring's arrival" gift set. and ^this is my packaging :). i make little tags for each item with my shop info on the front and a 'to' and 'from' area on the back. i punch a hole in the cardstock with my sakura punch-out, then snip it on the very end so i can easily attach it to a ribbon! furthermore, i wrap the earrings and necklace in tissue paper (in this case, champagne-coloured, to match the ribbon on the necklace) so they won't rattle around in the gift box on their way to their new home. i would love to receive a gift that looked like this, so it's my hope that others will feel the same way :).

in related news, i told you that i lowered many of the prices in my shop, but today i am pleased to say that my gift sets, like the one above that i sold this morning, are now reduced by $4! they now are only $26 for a beautiful, complete, and thoughtful gift. mother's day is right around the corner, hint hint ;p. earring sets have also been reduced in price; they're now just $15, and they come in a gift box, as well.

what else have i been up to lately? hmm... well, the other day, i decided that my yard looks like crap, so i decided (in the rain...) to start pulling some weeds. i managed to make myself extremely sore (should have stretched first, i guess!), but i got a lot done, and i ran across this beauty in back of the house:

indian paintbrush! this is one of my favourite flowers. i don't really see them around very often, for some reason. our yard is covered in bluebonnets (we're the only house on the street that has them growing in our yard, strangely), but those just don't compare to the gorgeous red of an indian paintbrush :).

also, brandon (who has been very sweet lately) surprised me with this little cutie:

it's called a squidlet, and it's just about the cutest thing ever. i got the last one of a batch, too, which is lucky :D. so cute! i haven't figured out a good name for him yet, but he hangs out on my work table and watches me wrestle with rolls of washi paper all day :p.

also, brandon ran across this awesome thing yesterday:

it's a star wars version of 'the last supper', made from tiny pictures of scenes from the movies! holy crap. here's a closeup:

seriously, how cool is that? i am amazed. here's the original post about it if you're interested (nerd!). a word of warning, though: curse words await you if you click the link. just sayin' :p.

one last thing: i made new cuties for the shop!

and two rings that i haven't listed as of yet:

so yay for friday, and yay for etsy :D. have a great day, everyone!



Tizzalicious said...

Waking up to a sale is great! :D

I love your packaging!

KieutiePie said...

omg squidlet is sooooo cute!

melissa, aka maoiliosa said...

i knew he'd be right up your ally, kieu! :D someone on etsy should definately make those!

melissa, aka maoiliosa said...

and thanks, tizz! :)