Thursday, May 1, 2008

april summary, may goals

here's a recap of what i wanted to achieve in april:
  • sell 10 items from my shop
  • finish writing both of my history papers
  • begin my biology class (and send in my extension request
  • finish my film class
  • write my last literature paper
  • no more lupron in my system! :D
  • file my first quarterly sales tax return
  • make and list new and exciting items in my shop!
  • mail the wedding invitations
  • entertain friends at my house at least once

of these, i completed most! actually, i sold 16 items in my shop, so i nearly doubled what i aimed for. i wrote my literature paper, finished my 6 months of lupron shot therapy, filed the sales tax return, listed a lot of new and cute things in my shop, mailed the wedding invitations, and i even managed to have friends over (allbeit on the last day of the month, yesterday, haha). i haven't written my history papers yet, finished my film class (although i only have an essay and the final left), or started my biology class, but i did file for the extension for biology. i still have a few days left before the other stuff is due :p. overall, i'd say i did pretty well!

also, i watched seasons 3-7 of 'the x-files' for fun, 'fargo', 'moulin rouge', 'lost in translation', and 'spiderman 2' (bleh) for my film class (i love/own all those movies except stupid spiderman, haha), 'elizabeth' and 'elizabeth the golden age' for my history class, and 'memoirs of a geisha' last night, and even 'the forbidden kingdom' at the theatre.

i haven't lost any more weight, but i have started exercising more. i cleaned the house. i read 'the handmaid's tale' by margaret atwood (my third time reading it).

'washi by maoiliosa' achievements:

  • sold 16 items from my shop, with 11 customers
  • landed my first wholesale account (with a really cool online shop), and was approached for another (haven't spoken with the owner of the shop yet, but it's a physical shop, not online!)
  • in all, made enough money to pay my half of the mortgage bill
  • was featured in several treasuries
  • bought supplies for some cool new items for my shop, including more gorgeous washi paper designs!
  • had 3 custom orders (including two batches of my washi fortune cookies!) and 1 pending custom order request
  • ran projectwonderful ads and got 3 confirmed customers from them ( i spent $60 on the ads and got about 1000 clicks)
  • gave away a lot of cute, free goodies with my customers' orders :).
  • made closer friendships with a few of my fellow etsy sellers :D.
  • had my first international sale (!) to a sweet girl and fellow beatles-lover in england, and after realizing that mailing overseas is a lot cheaper than i thought, i lowered my shipping prices to canada and the u.k.

best thing that happened in april:

  • i accomplished a lot college-wise

worst thing that happened in april:

  • well, i can't really think of anything other than i got minor colds like 3 times

craziest purchase:

  • i didn't really buy anything out of the ordinary. i mainly just bought a lot of supplies for my shop :)

and now, onto may!

may goals:

  • sell 20 things in my shop
  • complete my first wholesale order, and see about taking on the offer for the other wholesale account
  • have a give-away (details soon!)
  • order new moo business cards (i'm almost out!)
  • finish all my school work from the spring semester, and begin my biology class
  • start to study my french textbooks, workbooks, and vocabulary cards so i can test out of 16 credit hours of french at the end of the summer (i just need to refresh my memory. i've got 5 years of learning french under my belt)
  • buy my wedding dress!
  • list cool and cute things in my shop!
  • reach 300 hearts?
  • entertain friends at my house a few times
  • read some books for fun

overall, my shop is really picking up speed! i couldn't be more grateful :). this is really what i want to do with my life, and it feels so good to be rewarded for my hard work!

also, in case i didn't mention it: i'm having a sale! now through may 5, save 10% on your order! just check out, and i'll reimburse you 10% of your merch. cost through paypal :).

well, i'm off to pack up an order from a customer in germany (yay!). talk to you soon, the internet :).



LeaKarts said...

You, my dear, are one seriously driven woman! Fantastic job meeting so many of your goals for last month! What a great idea to list your goals publicly in your blog--I should do the same, it would give me some nice accountability :)

melissa, aka maoiliosa said...

why thank you, lea! well, the goal list wasn't my idea, i must admit (i borrowed the idea from tizzalicious on etsy), but it sure does keep things in perspective! you should definately do the same!