Friday, May 2, 2008

little critters

i'm sure i've mentioned this before, but brandon and i are the proud parents of 4 leopard geckos: asuka, trent, sonny, and mike. it all started when brandon bought me asuka for christmas nearly 3 years ago. she was a feisty little thing at the time; i fondly remember, she bit me almost immediately. a few days later, brandon caved in and bought sonny and mike for himself (we weren't living together yet). those guys are albino leopard geckos. two months later, i wanted a second one, so i bought trent. trent, it turns out, might actually be a female, but i think he just has an identity crisis :p.

and here they are:

asuka - named after asuka langley soryu from our favourite anime, 'neon genesis evangelion'. here she is, sleeping on her food bowl (wtf?):

trent - named after trent reznor, my favourite musician and hot guy behind 'nine inch nails':

sonny and mike - named after the characters from 'the godfather'. here's mike (sleeping so cutely on top of his log!):

and sonny. he's an illusive one:

we're probably going to get another leopard gecko in the near future. we already decided on a name: chopstick :).



KieutiePie said...

I was not aware of your gecko ownership, actually! How cute!!!!

melissa, aka maoiliosa said...

yes! i am a proud mother :p.

LeaKarts said...

They are so awesome! I love their leopard coloring!

Excellent musical taste by the way (I was snooping your profile, I am guilty). I got to see NIN in Iowa City my freshman year of college. Now I'm like a guy and I won't throw away the t-shirt even though it is 14 years old and covered in holes and paint :D Haha!

melissa, aka maoiliosa said...

YAY lea! it's soooo hard to find nin-loving friends that are gals (except scary ones, lol).

i went to a nine inch nails concert in 2003 when they came to austin, and OMG... one of the best nights of my life! i kept the ticket stub :))).

i am sending you a convo!