Friday, May 9, 2008

busy me

i've started working on my wholesale order, and it's been fun so far! i had to make 40 of these ^ and 40 of a different design to make 20 pairs of earrings in each style. my fingers are stained black from painting the wood pieces for this batch ^ :p. i feel like a real artist!

while taking a short break from that project, i bought this from a chick on etsy. i'm planning to wear it to the nine inch nails concert in august :D.

and i forgot to mention this the other day, but i bought this super cute purse (see below) from etsy seller bagsbymelanie, and i LOVE it. it's absolutely perfect in every way. thanks, melanie! :D

i've already managed to stuff it full of melissaness, as you can see.

i should mention that the purse i bought for my wedding day that i mentioned a while back arrived, and it is gorgeous! if you want a pretty bag from some awesome aussie etsians, check out aishii, where i bought the wedding purse.

okay, i've got to get back to jewelry-making! have a great weekend, everyone :).



ara133photography said...

Nice purchases, and adorable wholesale items!!! I really like that bag... will have to check it out :) How are things in VT??

melissa, aka maoiliosa said...

thanks! :D

(i'm actually in texas, not vermont, but things are HOT here. ugh. we've already hit 100 degrees!)