Monday, May 12, 2008

a cute happening and a pendant i made for myself

happy monday, the internet! how was your weekend? mine and brandon's was alright, although we got stick from some food we ate on saturday, and i had this headache that lasted from thursday till last night :/. but one really cute thing happened that i wanted to share with you.

brandon and i were just chilling in the computer room yesterday morning, and i happened to glance out the window. out of the corner of my eye, in our side yard (which is enclosed by a tall concrete wall: i'll take pictures all around our custom-made house and show you in another blog) i thought i saw a bird in the middle of the tall weeds (which i swear we cut down 2 weeks ago. they grew back way too fast! urg!). i turned my head to look head-on at the creature, and it was actually a baby deer! you should prepare yourself, because you are about to melt:

he was standing when i first noticed him, then he plopped down into the grass and he was perfectly hidden! brandon and i went outside (i grabbed my camera, as you can see :p), and i approached the little-one. he just laid there calmly. then he sniffed the air to see if i was a predator or not. i talked softly to him and he let me pet him (he was soooo soft!), even on his little head. oooooh, i melt just remembering it! he was so adorable. well, brandon found a cactus thorn in his leg, so he pulled it out (ouch!). we were wondering where this little guy's mom was, so we looked all around our house (deer like to eat in our backyard), but we didn't see any deer. this little-one is probably only a week or two old, and it needed its mom! so we wanted to make sure he could walk/run, and that nothing was wrong with him (hopefully he simply got lost), so brandon picked him up, and while he made (cute) little grunting sounds, he didn't protest. brandon set him down on our patio, and he took off! unfortunately, he ran in the wrong direction: back into the walled area :p. so we had to kind of fake-scare him into running the right way, and as soon as he found the opening (our entryway), he dashed off on his cute little legs. he ran all the way down our dirt road, and when he got to the end, he turned down the next road and took off! he was so cute, and he brightened our little day. hopefully he found his mom.

in other news, i made this for myself (of trent reznor, for me to wear at the nine inch nails concert):

i made it from a picture i made super-tiny, then printed it on computer paper (of course, i would never sell anything of this low quality. it was just for me). it hangs wonky, which is what i was going for. i like it :). what do you think?

well brandon just came home sick, so i'm off to take care of him. i hope everyone has a great day!



LeaKarts said...

Oh my gosh I can't even believe you got to pet that little cutie!!! I hope he is okay :)

You have been busy with your wholesale and finishing school and everything. It sounds like you have a great summer ahead!

melissa, aka maoiliosa said...

i know, he was the cutest thing ever! :D. maybe he'll come back to visit? okay, not likely, but i can hope, haha.

ugh, yes, super busy! i am definately looking forward to summer :).

WK said...

That is THE sweetest thing I've ever seen! :oD

melissa, aka maoiliosa said...

i know, i could have melted completely! soooo cute! :D