Sunday, June 1, 2008

'japanese wedding'

i just made a new batch of my japanese washi fortune cookies! these feature cute little white cranes in flight. cranes are a staple of japanese weddings.

these are now listed in my shop :). to read more about them, go here.

i needed to actually make some so i could take pictures for the listing, so i went ahead and made the 20 of these i needed, but with my wedding 'thank you' fortune inside. now that i'm done taking the pictures for the listing, i can mix these in with the sakura ones i made for my other washi fortune cookie listing! if i hadn't done this, these cookies would have just gone to waste, because i make these custom-ly per customer. how effecient of me, yes?

also, don't forget to stop by my shop and check out my $4 tile pendant necklace sale! i've got to clear them out of my inventory so i can replace them with aanraku bail versions :).



LeaKarts said...

You have excellent goals, as always, and I love all of the cute new stuff you are making! Congrats on all A's, too! You are one busy lady :)

KieutiePie said...

I actually had a dream once where it was basically the end of the world and there was no one left, but I was excited for a moment because then I realized that all those aanraku bails on the ground were then mine... all mine!!!!!

melissa, aka maoiliosa said...

lea - why thank you! :)

kieu - HAHA!