Sunday, June 1, 2008

may summary, june goals

here are the things from my goal list that i managed to accomplish in may:
  • complete my first wholesale order
  • order new moo business cards
  • finish the semester of school (i even got all a's!)
  • buy my wedding dress (yay!)
  • list cool and cute things in my shop
  • entertain friends at my house (i think we had people over at least once a week in may)
  • read some books for fun

i didn't:

  • reach 300 hearts. i'm at 290, which is close! and i did gain 70 in may.
  • sell 20 things in my shop. i sold 17, which is more than april, though :).
  • have a give-away. i decided to scrap the idea i had. i did list some great deals in my shop throughout may, however.
  • begin my biology class. what can i say, i'm a procrastinator!
  • start to study my french stuff. i'll get around to it :p.

overall, i'd say that may was a good month. i didn't quite meet my selling goals, but i did come up with many new ideas and improvements on current items. june will be a great month for introducing all the exciting things i have planned :).

so here are my goals for june:

  • sell 25 items in my shop, bringing my total to 81 items sold
  • look into another wholesale opportunity
  • clear out my tile pendants (i've got a new and improved version planned!). and just so you know, all throughout june, all my tile pendant necklaces are just $4!
  • reach 360 hearts
  • have lots of fun! i'm going to a book signing/reading of my favourite author, chuck palahniuk, this thursday, then saturday brandon and i are seeing eddie izzard! my best friend sarah and i need to plan my bachelorette party, too. and i want to read a bunch of the books i just got in the mail :)
  • join an etsy street team?
  • work on my french and biology stuff

well, here's to an awesome june, the internet!



KieutiePie said...

Just $4? Oh you have to be kidding me. Stop tempting me, woman! I have so many things I need to pay for! ={

*willpower... weakening!*

melissa, aka maoiliosa said...

lol ;p. muahaha i will crush your willpower yet!...