Friday, June 6, 2008

lots of updates (very long)

1. i went to the chuck palahniuk event last night, and it was AMAZING. i mean, beyond amazing. i was even one of the lucky people who got a wristband to meet chuck and get my book ('snuff', his new one, which he was there to promote) personalized! here are some pictures:

chuck talking up 'snuff'. i loved hearing him talk about his work, his thought process, and his reactions to how the world perceives him and his writing. also, when asked what some of his favourite books were growing up, he cited ray bradbury's 'the martian chronicles', which just so happens to be one of my favourite books, as well!

my copy of 'snuff' and my ticket stub for the event. i will treasure them always ♥.

so here is one of the blow-up sex dolls that chuck threw into the crowd. some friends we made while in line for the signing caught one, and let me and jason take pictures with it. then we all had fun making fun of his non-anatomically correct body parts. see: his mouth is red only inside his lips. see: his horribly-drawn chest/chest hair. see: his heart-shaped head. there were other discrepancies, but i'm trying to keep this blog rated-pg :p.

my signed and personalized page of 'snuff'. too funny (and sweet, in a weird chuck way)! he even sprayed several of the pages with a -really really good smelling- cologne. mmm, i can smell it any time i want and remember that moment :). and i LOVE his handwriting.

me with chuck! ♥ ♥ ♥. i was so starstricken that all i really could manage to say was, "i'm enamoured!" to which he said, "oh!" it was a magical moment. as you can see, i was pretty happy with his arm around me and everything. oh, and look - well, you can't really see it that well, but i'm wearing a necklace from my new line that will be revealed soon in my shop :).

so that was my wonderful chuck night :). it was everything i hoped it would be and more. i really didn't expect i'd be able to meet my absolute favourite author. he's such a great guy :).

2. one of my pendant necklaces, 'pollen', got featured in two treasuries yesterday! thank you, tizz, for being of the currators :). not only that, but i came home from chuck at almost 1 in the morning to find that i had actually sold the necklace! sweet!

this got sold to my first canadian customer (yay!), and she also bought my 'ambrosia' pendant necklace, each for just $4 (remember my clearance on my tile pendants? yeah! go take advantage of that! :D).

3. i am designing my newest line of pendant necklaces, which are going to be similar in style to the tile ones, but better! for this new venture, i needed to get familiar with epoxy. i've always kind of stayed away from it because of all the health hazards, but it was necessary to use for what i'm trying to do.

me, prepping my pendants for epoxyness. sexy, i know. :p.

anyway, the point of this story is that melissa is clueless when it comes to epoxy. well, not anymore, i guess, but i sure was when i started this project! my experiment was... not meant to be. at least, not on the day i tried it the first time. first, i wanted to work outside because of the fumes from the epoxy, so i set up everything on my front patio. i went back inside to get the epoxy, and when i came back out, i found that a big wind gust (it has been very windy the last few days) blew all my wood pieces and all my metal findings all over the yard. ugh. this did not bode well for the rest of my task. so i moved everything inside, to the living room (which is very open) and proceeded to work. everything was going fine more or less, but later i realized that i didn't use enough epoxy, so the metal findings i was attaching to the wood pendant popped right off, even when i waited several hours for it to cure (it says usable strength in just 1 hour on the package, so clearly i did something wrong). i was just trying to avoid having a huge clump of glue on the back of each pendant, but i guess that's how it's actually supposed to be. i'll try again on sunday. hmph. but at least i provided you with a picture you can make fun of me forever with ;p.

4. the eddie izzard performance is tomorrow, and brandon and i are excited! we're not allowed to take pictures at that event, though, so i won't have anything like that to show you :(. but i will let you know how it went :).

okay, i'm off to package that order that's going to canada!



Tizzalicious said...

It sounds SO exciting! I would love to meet him! I need to get my hands on that book, too!

Don't you think his looks don't match his books AT ALL? I always feel that way when I see a picture on the back of one of his books. He looks so...nice!

Yay for that pendant selling, that's awesome :D

melissa, aka maoiliosa said...

yes, it was probably one of the main highlights of my life, actually, haha. of course, me getting married in october will bump it down, but just a notch ;p.

you're right, he doesn't look like "that kind of guy" at all! and he is really super sweet and has a very nice voice. if he wasn't gay and 18 years older than me and if i was single and he was interested... ;p.

thanks again for putting that pendant in your treasury, tizz! i had been waiting for that to sell for a long time!

LeaKarts said...

"if he wasn't gay and 18 years older than me and if i was single and he was interested..." Haha!! You are so funny :) Yay for you! I'm so exited for you--it looks like you had a great time!

Sorry about the epoxy incident :( I hope it works better the next time.

melissa, aka maoiliosa said...

i had a great time :D. and i mean what i said about chuck! haha.

i'm sure i'll figure the epoxy out sooner or later ;p.